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The Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit

YGME was founded by Nick & Gloria (Maley) as a showcase for their private collection of movie relics, (details below).  It is a non profit foundation with tha aim to inspire youngsters (and oldsters) to follow their dreams, overcome negativity and be all they can be.

Nestled amongst Front Street's duty free jewelry stores, this is undoubtedly the most surprising enterprise in the Caribbean. Who would expect to find Darth Vader, Pinhead from HELLRAISER and Riddley Scott's ALIEN in St Maarten? What about Han Solo in Carbonite, Harry from HARRY AND THE HENDERSONS or items from PLANET OF THE APES?  But this unprecedented showcase has that and a whole lot more. There are displays that span six decades of movie making, relics from THE TERMINATOR, MEN IN BLACK and even THE MALTISE FALCAN. Nick's incredible collection of lifecasts, (the actual faces of Hollywood stars), features Bogart & Brando, though Sean Connery & Jack Nicholson to Michael Jackson, Johnny Depp & Angelina Jolle.

The collection is extended to include famous historical figures too… the actual faces of Abraham Lincoln, (cast 3 months before his assassination), Benjamin Franklin and George Washington, (cast in. 1778 and 1783 respectively by french sculptor Jean Antoine Houden), and the death mask of  Oliver Cromwell, (1658).

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