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Gloria Maley aka Gloria Walker

Before Gloria met Nick, she was an actress, mostly working in British television series like DR WHO, THE PROFESSIONALS, GENERAL HOSPITAL and SOFTLY SOFTLY TASK FORCE.

Nick and Gloria met in 1975 on the set of a small independent movie which at the time was called EVIL HERITAGE.

“We made the entire movie for £15,000”, Nick recalls. “The crew chipped in their services for a piece of the movie and shared in the profit, once it was sold”. 

“In the movie,” Nick explains, “Gloria was murdered by a demonically possessed psychopath. Her head was smashed in a door and her hair and body were drenched in blood. 

Another make-up artist, Robin was doing the Make-up Effects and he dealt with Gloria, (so NO I didn't do those crazy freckles).  I was Chief Make-up Artist and looked after other actors on.  But when Robin had an end of production party to go to for another movie he was doing, he asked me to clean Gloria up at the end of the day”.

“I soon discovered that the blood that Robin had used was cochineal based and I knew she would have trouble getting it off her delicate skin and hair... but I didn’t know her well enough to tell her to strip off and let me see what I could do”.

“We were filming in an old house”, Gloria recalls. “We didn’t finish until 11.00 p.m. and when I discovered the blood stains were not moving I climbed in the bath and started scrubbing. An hour later I was still at it. I didn’t know if Nick had gone home. But I had to swallow my pride and call for HELP!”

Nick hadn’t gone home. He was sitting outside the door waiting for her call. That night, in the bath, they got to know each other quite well.

“A few months later they changed the name of the movie to SATAN’S SLAVE”, Nick continues. “I said to Producer Les Young that the change made it sound like a sex movie. He smiled and responded by telling me he didn’t care why people went to see the movie ... as long as they went in!”

Becoming a couple...

Between other movies, periods away on location and missed telephone calls, it was almost 3 years before Nick and Gloria’s relationship truly blossomed.

“We kept missing each other,” Gloria remembers. “He would call and I wouldn’t be free. When I was, I’d call and he was away on location. Eventually we got together for a party at his place and everything gelled. 8 months later,,, we were married.”

“Gloria is an artist in her own right,” Nick explains. “She’s an actress, a painter, a good writer and a very caring woman who is known for her love of animals, curating our private zoo in England and hand raising the birds she bred in Antigua. But she has always chosen to take a supportive role to my career and creativity.  She is my right arm in almost everything I do.”

Gloria assisted Nick on movies like KRULL and THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME. Together they wrote the movie INSEMINOID, Directed by Norman Warren, (who directed the movie that they met on).  She would help Nick assess prospective movie projects, reading scripts while he worked in the studio, marking relevant sections and helping him make a quick assessment of the effects needed.

PHOTO: Nick completing his EMMY nominated make-up on Anthony Hopkins.

Gloria supported Nick's desire to sail the Caribbean, even though she had never sailed in her life.   She supported the change of lifestyle when they started their first galleries in Antigua, despite a major drop in income.    Gloria took care of the admin, leaving Nick free to be creative and just when they were settled in their island home, supported his choice to pick up roots and move to St Maarten to create the Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit.

Of Gloria, Nick says... “We have been married almost 40 years and I still don’t know why she puts up with me. Making any marriage succeed takes work.   Being married to an artist... waiting at home while I worked 90 hours a week on movies... putting up with creative moods... supporting me through life’s twists and turns... accepting me for who I am... giving me the space I need to fulfill my dreams and ambitions... that takes a very special woman.   She is my life partner in every sense of the phrase. "

"Marrying Gloria was a turning point in my life.   Suddenly I had a beautiful woman who looked up to me for support.  That responsibility was the driving force that pushed me to succeed.  Without her inspiration I would never have achieved half of the things I have done.

I only hope she is half as proud of me as I have always been of her.”