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Following Your Star...

Nick credits much of his success to one teacher who also inspired Nick’s catch phrase, “follow your star.” But not in the way you might imagine.

“When I was 13 years old,” he recalls, “one of my teachers explained to me that I really was not as smart as I thought I was. He told me that I would work in a factory somewhere and suggested I should give up art and drama and take up woodwork instead. If I had believed him, I would never have made 53 movies. I wouldn’t live in the Caribbean drinking pina coladas either. I guess I was so busy entertaining the other kids that it hadn’t occurred to me that there were people making judgements of my academic abilities that might impact my future. When he said that I was shocked.

Throughout life, we make numerous decisions that shape the years to come.   So often we are influenced by the perspectives of others who’s opinions are pessimistic and short sighted.   It’s generally considered wise to play safe and not bother to try for things that take a lot of effort to achieve.   But the people who fail are the ones that give up and the ones who succeed are the ones that make the most effort.   Don’t say you don’t have the talent.    Most people just give up before they put in enough time to get to be good at something.    Talent helps, but perseverance succeeds.   Don’t say you don’t know the right people.    Preparation and persistance is the key to networking too. 

It was a LONG time before I made a living in movies. Whenever I was tempted to give up, I thought of that teacher and I DIDN’T WANT TO PROVE HIM RIGHT! So I worked a little harder, prepared a bit better, grasped every opportunity that came my way and fabricated a few more by putting myself in the right place at the most likely time.

The only person who can limit your possibilities is YOU. If you don’t accept that your dreams are impossible... then they aren’t. But if you haven’t given up, then you haven’t failed.

My catch phrase is Follow Your Star. It’s the name of one of my paintings and the name of a biographical book I will write some day. Im hoping to encourage you to follow YOUR star too, not the goal others set for you. Believe in yourself and your dreams. Separate yourself from the crowd. Have the courage to do be different. Be all you can be”. 

Over the years Nick has been asked many times for copies of his inspirational words and videos. Finally he is writing a little book with his philosophy for success. "It's a book of simple thoughts," Nick explains, "...that aims to put a focus on inspiring kids to live exceptional lives, overcome negativity, and understand what is needed to separate yourself from the crowd to achieve your dreams."  Called "The Do or Do Not Outlook," you can use the email form below to  pre-order your copy